October Caddis Stimulator Dry Fly Pattern

In this video, Greg ties an October caddis stimulator fly pattern for fall trout fishing.

The stimulator was popularized by Randall Kaufmann in the 1980’s and can be tied in different colors and sizes. A classic attractor pattern for caddis, stoneflies, and much more.

Used as a dry fly, dry/dropper or a skater this fly has produced many fish and should be in everybody’s fly box.

Hook: TMC 200 Size 10
Thread: UTC Burnt Orange 70d
Tail: Elk Hair
Rib: Ultra Wire Gold Small
Body Hackle: Brown Hackle
Dubbing: SLF Kaufmann’s Dubbing Brown Stone
STS Trilobal Hot Orange
Underwing: Krystal Flash Hot Orange
Wing: Elk Hair
Collar: Grizzly Hackle
SLF Kaufmann’s Dubbing Golden Stone
Loc Tite
Hard as Hull Penetrator Cement

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