Jim Sens Green Butt Silver Hilton: Fly Tying Video

Jim Sens joins us back at Caddis Fly to tie up an effective summer steelhead pattern. Our guides and fellow steelhead enthusiasts all swear by this fly – it’s just one of those flies all steelhead fishers should have in their box. The green butt silver hilton can be fished all year, but it shines for summer steelhead during the summer and into the fall as winter takes its hold.

Jim ties the wing of this fly in with Ewing Grizzly because it’s a great, webby material for all steelhead and intruder-style flies. Once you have this fly down, feel free to mess around with different varieties of tinsel for the butt and rib section.

Material List:
Thread: Semperfli Nano Silk Thread, 50D black
Hook: Alec Jackson’s Steelhead Hook, size 3 in black
Butt: Lagartun Flat Tinsel, silver in large
Butt: Senyo’s Fusion Dub, lizard
Tail: Gadwall Feathers
Rib: Uni Flat Embossed French Tinsel, silver in medium
Body: Angora Goat Dubbin, black
Collar 1: Strung Ringneck Pheasant, black
Collar 2: Gadwall Feathers
Wing: Ewing Grizzly Capes


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  1. John Klesch says:

    Would Jim Sens know of Ed Sens or even be related to him?
    Ed Sens was a great fly tier who lived along the Neversink River in the Catskills. He was one of the first fly tiers to develop imitative nymph patterns.

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