Late Summer Postcards Yosemite NP 2022

Dear Oregon Fly Fishing Blog,

As summer winds down I’m getting excited for fall fishing. Usually around mid October we begin to see October caddis hatches along with the occasional callibaetis. It’s fun to fish October caddis because it’s the time we begin to use bigger flies (Stimulators Size 10) and begin to see some of the bigger fish cruising the riffles and pools.

With record low snowpack and high heat, the dry fly action this season was the worst I’ve seen. The Merced River was hitting 74° in early August so fishing was not an option (STOP FISHING @ 69°) so I took off down south to chase Corbina with my buddy Rob.

September was high country lakes and skinning water streams. We had to hunt and cover lots of water to find fish, but nymphing produced quality rainbow and brook trout.

As I write this we’re beginning to get rain and cooler weather, so the Merced has been fishing again, primarily with nymphs. I expect the dry fly action to pick up over the next few weeks and hopefully the fish are moving.

October and November are my favorite months to fish the Sierra. Shorter days, cooler temps, and caddis action!

Rob and I will be on the Deschutes late October and we’re thankful the river opened this year. 2021 was depressing on the D and I think of all the guides out there having to change their game plan or perhaps change careers. Sucks, but it’s the reality.

Tight lines,

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Screen Shot 2022-09-21 at 4.30.42 PM

Greg is a former Caddis Fly Shop employee and owner of Gregory Nespor Fly Fishing based in Yosemite National Park.

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