Outcast Float Tubes, Frameless and Rafts Available July 2022

It’s been a rough one in terms of supply chain for many vendors in the fly fishing industry. Outcast/Aire has experienced shortages and bottlenecks about as bad as any. It’s been 18 months or so since stock levels approached normal but as of July 2022 things are beginning to stabilize and inventory is available. In stock boats at The Caddis fly include.


The Outcast Striker is an awesome two person boat that easily fits in the back of a truck.


The Outcast Clearwater is one of the best single person boat we have seen in a long time. At only 35lbs the Clearwater has a capacity of 450lbs so you can pack all the gear you need. The Clearwater frameless raft is big water capable and we love the fact that you sit up so high when rowing and fishing.


The Fishcat Scout from Outcast is super quick to set up and perfect for lakes and moderate stretches of river. It weighs 35lbs and has a 400lbs capacity. The 5ft oars are surprisingly effective in moving you from one side of the lake or river to the other.


The Fishcat Cruzer from Outcast represents the next generation of float tubes. The Cruzer has oars! Use fins or oars this lightweight tube is an awesome lake craft.

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