Jig Bomb Hare’s Ear: Fly Tying Video

A twist on an absolute classic. Justin ties us up a hare’s ear nymph with a jigged hook and tungsten bead. Add this to your euro quiver or drop it below a hopper or indicator. Fish will also notice the life this CDC gives to this fly…

It’s one of those flies that just produces fish.

Materials are available at https://www.caddisflyshop.com/‚Äč


Jig Bomb Hare’s Ear:
Hook: X Series XC400BL – 14
Bead: Tungsten Jig Bomb – Gold, 4mm
Body: Lead Wire – .015
Thread: 70D – Orange
Body: Hare’s Ear Plus Dubbin – Natural
Tag: Glo Brite – Fire Orange
Rib: Small Soft Wire – Copper
Rib: Mirage Flashabou – Ice Blue
Collar: CDC – Khaki
C & F Rotary Hackle Plier
Zap A Gap

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