Jim Sens Blow Torch Fly Tying Video

Jim Sens sits down in the shop to show us his variation of the blow torch. Once you tie this one up and hit the water, plan to catch some fish. Especially if you’re able to fish the McKenzie right outside of Eugene, Oregon.

Once you get comfortable tying this one, don’t be afraid to mix and match a variety of colors – we’ve got what you need to curb your curiosity.


Blow Torch Fly Pattern
Hook: Gamakatsu J20 Jig – 14
Bead: Hareline Slotted Tungsten – 1/8 in Orange
Thread: 70D – Orange
Tail: Glo Brite Floss – Fl. Orange
Ribbing: Ultra Wire – Amber
Body: Senyo’s Fusion Dub – Rusty Nail
Hackle: Natural Hungarian Partridge Skins
Loctite Brush-On Super Glue”

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