Chris Basso’s Broken Back Zebra Midge/Copper Tiger Midge Fly Tying Video

In this video, Greg ties Chris Basso’s broken back series of midges that “Bass” has perfected at Crowley Lake over the years.

With articulated action, the fish can’t resist these midge patterns. Greg recently had these flies demolished by fish and recommends you come prepared with lots of them in black/black, red/red, black/purple, olive/olive. You will be sad when that trophy trout breaks you off of your last Broken Back Midge!

Materials are available at‚Äč

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Chris Basso’s Broken Back Midge
Hook: Daiichi 1120 Size 14-18
Back Hook: Dry Fly Hook Cut
Bead: Silver or Copper 3/32″
Thread: Uni Black 6/0
Trailer: Mono 6x
Wire: UW Silver Small
Zap A Gap

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