Vinyl Jig Midge Fly Tying Instructional Video

Hey y’all. I tied this fly up, along with the Golden Stone jig nymph from an earlier video, at the end of July, when we were already experiencing tough, low water conditions that we would normally see at the end of August. It’s now the second week of September, and water levels are still quite low. Luckily, there’s some rain on the horizon, but it won’t change all that much in terms of river levels until the rain really starts to dump. Temps are on the drop, which is great. Fall is starting to show up, but I’ve been pretty confident in this fly with variations in colors for the past couple months both on the McKenzie and on a few trips I took out to the Metolius. It’s definitely earned a place in the box for low water conditions and picky spring-fed fish.

Hook: Daichi 4698, Sz14
Bead: 3.8mm Slotted Tungsten, Black
Thread: UTC 70D, Dark Grey
Tail: Glo-Brite Floss
Body: Vinyl Rib Midge Black
Thorax: Ice Dub Peacock Black

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