Captain VP Anchovy Variation – Gregory Nespor 2021

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The Captain VP Anchovy Variation can be tied in multiple color variations but, Black over White imitates an adult anchovy, Black over Tan imitates a juvenile anchovy, Blue and White is a for sure bet, Purple over Black a great attractor, etc.

Captain Vaughn uses Owner Gorilla light hooks in sizes 4-1/0 or something comparable. There are multiple salt water hooks to use such as, Kona BGH, Gamakatsu SL12XShort, and Ahrex 274. The important thing is that the hook has a short shank and strong.

Check out Captain Vaughn Podmore’s website at for great information on guided trips, fly patterns, gear, and species targeted. Also checkout Capt. VP and his friends at SupaflyTV Youtube channel.

In this video, Greg ties a variation of Captain Vaughn Podmore’s Anchovy pattern using Steve Farrar’s SF Blend streamer fibers that shed water making the fly easy to cast, maintain a tapered profile, and come in a variation of colors to, “Match the Bait.”

Captain VP Anchovy Variation
Kona BGH Sizes 4-1/0
Uni 6/0 Black or Mono .4
Steve Farrar SF Blend Black & White
Hareline UV Minnow Belly
UV Purple Krystal Flash
Hareline Adhesive Eyes 1/4″ Silver/Black
Loon UV Glue Thick
Solarez Bone Dry Thin

The Galapagos of California or California’s Channel Islands are home to endemic island foxes, birds, plants, prehistoric wooly mammoths, some of the oldest human remains in North America and much more. “It has always amazed me that literally millions of people stare at these islands daily, but have never been there. It’s an amazing place in their backyard,” says Greg.

Besides world class diving and sailing the Channel Islands have superior fishing both with traditional gear and fly fishing gear.

In this video, Greg discusses his equipment for chasing Yellowtail, Barracuda, Dorado, Perch, Calico all while keeping it simple with minimal gear both for air travel and space on the boat. Simple, uncomplicated leader/tippet setups with effective flies that Hunt.

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