EWEB to lower Walterville Canal starting Friday

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It’s been a weird water week on the McKenzie River. The river jumped due to snow melt and water releases on the upper end of the system. It’s now dropping again. Next weeks cooler temps should bring the river down even more. Additionally you will see the lower river get added water with the lowering of the Walterville Canal. Fish like water so expect fishing to be good in the coming days. More water in the lower river is great to see, keeping water temps cooler will extend the lower river quality fishing.

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The Eugene Water & Electric Board will begin dewatering the Walterville Power Canal on Friday, June 4, to clean and make repairs to the Walterville fish screen at Partridge Lane, complete maintenance on the Walterville Powerhouse and inspect the canal embankments.

The work is expected begin on Monday, June 7, and requires the utility to drain the canal to minimum levels.

The shutdown of the Walterville generating facility and power canal is expected to last about 20 days. EWEB anticipates re-watering of the canal will commence around June 25, depending on the progress of planned maintenance.

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