Spring Fishing in Central Oregon May 2021


Fished the Deschutes River from Warm Springs to Trout Creek Sunday 9th. Overcast and cool morning. No big bugs flying, but small numbers of shucks in the grass. Euro tactics are killer on the Lower D. Jigged 20” point fly with rainbow warrior #16 small fly. Water is lower than I ever remember and I was able to stop the boat in random spots that I haven’t fished before. Word is tons of Salmon flies around Maupin.


The following day we fished Justesen Ranch, private waters hosted by the G Loomis staff. Fished the “Big Lake” and cast the new Loomis NRX+ 590 and 4100. Both cast amazing with bobber and midges or Parachute Adams and chironomids. Stripped buggers with the IMX Pro 696 and it was a cannon. Really impressed with the new lineup and we have a fresh shipment of the new sticks. Got to wiggle the new IMX euro but it wasn’t applicable to our fishing. Excited for the June 1 ship date in those.




Lake is teeming with life. First off fish were smashing midges on the surface so our lakeside pep talk was cut short and we all spread out in our respective boats. Next we switched to suspended midges under a bobber or even better for the shallows was a short tag under a #12 para Adam’s. Fish were all 17-22” and built like tanks. They are Kamloops rainbows and pull and jump like fresh steelhead. Fishing was just difficult enough to make it interesting but rewarding with beautiful fish, and runs into the backing the norm. After lunch we switched to streamers and Kyle quickly got 3 dandies in a row. We explored the lake for the last hour and fishing slowed a bit but looking over at Jake, Tom and Steve they stayed put and continued to put on a clinic. Last spot the shade had fallen over an overhanging branch and I finally got a fish to crush a dry fly.



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