Alberta’s Blue Ribbon Trout Waters Need Your Help

Many reader are familiar with the Oldman, Livingstone, Highwood and Bow rivers. We thought sharing the current conservation issues in this region was important. Below you will find some of the key information regarding the battle to protect some of the wildest areas of Alberta.


The Alberta government in 2020 rescinded the Alberta coal policy that was put in place in 1974 which disallowed all coal mining in the rocky mountains. They did this without consultation to the public and now (in the map above) leases have been sold and exploration and drilling has started in the headwaters of all of these watersheds.

Protecting the Alberta Rockies from open pit coal mining.

The Stop Crowsnest Mines Organization is an independent group that wants to STOP all the proposed open pit coal mines in the Crowsnest Pass and the Eastern Slope of the Alberta Rockies. We want to preserve the Alberta Rockies for future generations.


The Alberta Environmental Network (AEN) connects Albertans and environmental groups that are dedicated to preserving and protecting Alberta’s environment. As a non-profit and non-partisan organization, the AEN supports collaboration of the environmental community throughout the province.

Loads of Coal Disinformation from the Kenney Government
How Alberta’s energy and environment ministers misled on open-pit mining plans.

Currently 75km to the west in Fernie British Columbia, the company “Teck Coal” who has been open pit mining near the Elk river for years has been leaching Selenium into the rivers of Montana through the Elk River.

U.S. demands explanation from province over river pollution from B.C. mines

Voice your concerns about the expansion of coal mining in Alberta HERE.

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