Sens’ Bird’s Nest Fly Pattern – Jim Sens Tying Video 2021

In this video, Jim Sens ties his version of Charley Bird’s Bird’s Nest.

Using Awesome Possum, wood duck, and dubbing Jim shows you dubbing loop techniques that create durable, fishy flies that are guaranteed to catch trout.

Jim has personally tested this fly on rivers such as the McKenzie to great success. He swings them, drifts them, or hangs them as a dropper off of a dry fly.


Sens’ Bird’s Nest Fly Pattern:
Hook: TMC 2302 Size 10
Thread: Danville 70D Burgundy
Tail: Woodduck
Ribbing: Lagartun Small Gold Tinsel
Wing: Woodduck
Dubbing Loop: Wapsi Awesome Possum Dubbing Natural-Call Shop
Wapsi Spikey Squirrel Dubbing-Call Shop
UV Glue

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