Duxbury Clouser Variant – Jay Nicholas

In this video, author and fly tyer Jay Nicholas ties a variant to the Duxbury Clouser using a Gamkatsu 60º Jig hook.

Using Flash ‘N Slinky and Fair Flies brushes giving the fly life-like movement and balance, these flies are for striper, tuna, and other saltwater creatures, but you could tie them smaller for bass and sea-run cutthroat trout.


Materials List:
Hook: Gamakatsu 60ºJig 2/0
Thread: Danville 210D Chartreuse
Eyes: Double Pupil Lead Eyes Lg. Chartreuse/Black
Belly: Flash ‘N Slinky White/Pink
Back: Flash ‘N Slinky chartreuse/Tan
Collar: Fair Flies 5D Predator II White/Chartruese
Glue: Zap A Gap

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