“Sweet Juicy Steelhead Fly” Foxy Dog Variation – Jay Nicholas 2020

Join Jay NIcholas as he ties a variation of the Foxy Dog fly using OPST shanks, marble fox, hackles, and a composite loop consisting of Senyo’s Fusion dubbing and Ripple Ice dubbing.

Become a better fly tyer by simple watching Jay. His fluidity at the vice has inspired many tyers over the decades and his instruction and advice is simple, concrete, and guaranteed to make you a better fly tyer and fisher overall.


Shank: OPST Steelhead Shank 32mm.
Trailer Wire: Fire Line
Hook: OPST Swing Hook/AquaTalon Swing Hook
Thread: UTC 140D Red
Tail: Fluoro Fibre Hot Orange
Rib: Ultra Wire Brassie Red
Body: Senyo’s Fusion Dubbing Eat A Peach
Ripple Ice Dubbing Shell Pink
Saddle Hackle Orange Grizzly
Collar: Saddle Hackle or Schlappen Orange
Spey Marabou Blue
Wing: Marble Fox Orange/Arctic Fox
Helix Flash Fl. Orange
Silver Pheasant Feathers Silver Doctor Blue
Zap A Gap/Wax

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