Patagonia Swiftcurrent Waders – Product Review

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Unaware to most of us, Tim, our spey casting guru had been field testing these waders for almost a year now. These new waders are the best designed wader on the market. They have excelled at comfort, durability, and fit. Listed below are the features of the most innovative designed waders from Patagonia.

Recycled Materials
Construction with Patagonia proprietary innovative 4-layers fabrics, the Swiftcurrents are the most durable, puncture-resistant and comfortable waders they have ever made – and new, every wader in the Swiftcurrent line is transitioning to 100% recycled face fabrics.
Single-Seam Construction
Unique patterning create a more durable, tapered, athletic fit that moves better in and out of the water.
Gusseted Crotch
Enhances fit, movement and durability by eliminating complex seam taping.
H2No® Performance Standard
All fabrics have been passed Patagonia’s rigorous H2No® Performance Standard and durability, waterproofness and breathability.
Advanced Features Sets
Features include Lightweight Black Hole fabric scuff guards and trims, updated EZ-Lock suspender systems and Patagonia Secure Stretch wading belt. New wading belt with better fit and hold multi tools better, also front belt loops
Innovative Booties
Anatomical booties on the expedition and midweight Swiftcurrents have a sock like fit, resist compaction and are poly grid-lined for warmth.
All front pockets can close, so no catching while rowing or casting.
at adjust for custom fit.

New Models include:

SwitftCurrent “Standard” Model
SwiftCurrent Packable
SwiftCurrent Expedition Zip
SwiftCurrent Expedition
SwiftCurrent Pant Wader

Swift 1

Pat 9

Pat 1

Pat 4

Pat 15

If you have the opportunity, come to shop and see them or give us a call at 541 342 7005 if you have any questions.

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