Jay’s Composite Loop Variant Freight Train Fly

In this video, Jay uses two new tools to create a custom composite loop brush for a variation of a classic steelhead pattern the Freight Train. This fly can be swung, dead drifted, and skated for steelhead, but use it for trout with both trout spey rods and single handed rods.

Loon Outdoor’s D Loop Tweezer and Hareline’s Finger Dubbing Brush are some of the best fly tying tools to come out in a long time and make custom composite loop brushes less complicated than using wires and other devices.


Ahrex NS115 Nordic Salt Hook Size 2
Danville 210D White
Hareline Flat Diamond Braid Shrimp Pink
Senyo’s Barred Predator Wrap
Senyo’s Freckled Predator Wrap
Senyo’s Fusion Dubbing
Steve Farrar SF Blend

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