Native Fish Society Action Alert – Crooked River


From the Native Fish Society

Speak up on the need for fish passage, not mitigation, at Bowman Dam on the Crooked River

A preliminary permit to add hydropower generation at Bowman Dam on the Crooked River has triggered Oregon’s fish passage requirements. The licensee has requested a waiver from the requirements and has proposed mitigation in lieu of establishing the required fish passage at the dam. ODFW’s required Benefit Analysis found “that the proposed mitigation actions will not provide greater benefits than if passage were provided at the Dam.” This analysis found that establishing fish passage at Bowman Dam would provide connectivity for redband trout below the dam with 498 miles of habitat above the dam. It would also provide key connectivity to 63 miles of steelhead trout habitat and 53 miles of historic spawning and rearing habitat for spring Chinook salmon, both of which are actively being reintroduced to the upper Deschutes basin. Please send a comment by June 22 encouraging ODFW and the Oregon Fish Passage Task Force to deny the requested waiver, and tell them that reconnecting the Crooked River is critical to reviving abundant, wild fish in the Deschutes Basin.

How to comment: Send comments to Ted Wise, ODFW East Region Hydropower Program Coordinator at 61374 Parrell Road Bend, OR 97702, by e-mail,, or by calling (541) 633-1115.

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