Spey Casting Exercise Using a Dog Chuckit™

In this video, Greg uses his dog’s Chuckit™ to help improve one’s bottom hand while spey casting.

“Many people have tools to improve and practice their spey cast at home. I use my dog’s Chuckit™ everyday and really focus on my bottom hand to execute the cast.”

Spey Casting Resources:

Skagit Master Spey Casting DVD Series
Rio’s Modern Spey Casting DVD

Individual Instruction Classes Available:
(541) 342-7005

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2 Responses to Spey Casting Exercise Using a Dog Chuckit™

  1. Jim Terborg says:

    Wonderful idea. Enjoyed the tip. I do this every day with my dog. Now I’ve got a new technique

  2. Oregon Fly Fishing Blog says:

    Yep, many people have those dog chuckers. Why not use them to improve!! Tight Lines

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