Jay’s Three Salt Alaska King Salmon Fly Tying Video 2020


In this video, Jay ties an intruder type Alaskan King Salmon Fly.

This fly is meant to be fished on the swing, but you could use this stripping for peacock bass, tiger fish, muskie, and other large predators. With variations of colors and sizes you could get creative.

What with the Three Salt? “A salmon or steelhead that has 3 seasons of growth in the ocean.” -JN


Jay Nicholas March 2020

Alaska King Salmon Fly

Tube: Pro Sportfisher 40/40 Flexitube Clear
Thread: Lagartun 150D Chartreuse
Butt: Cactus Chenille Charteuse
Rear Station: Marabou Chartreuse
Lady Amherst Chartreuse
Saddle Hackle Chartreuse
Body: Lagartun Flat Braid Chartreuse
Weight: Pro Sportfisher Raw Wt. XL
Front Station: Cactus Chenille Chartreuse
Marabou Fl. Blue
Craft Fur Chartreuse
Krystal Flash Chartreuse
Marabou Silver Doctor Blue
Pro Sportfisher Gen. 3 Jungle Cock
Cone: Pro Sportfisher Pro Cone Chartreuse
Zap a Gap

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