Jay’s Pro Sportfisher Squid Tube Fly Video

In this video, Jay ties a Squid Tube Fly using Pro Sportfisher Predator tubing, EP Invader & Fair Flies Predator Brushes.

An effective fly to imitate a squid for salmon, rockfish, and lingcod for coastal fishing or you could use it to swing your favorite steelhead run as well.

Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 12.05.05 PM

Thread: Danville 210D White
Pro Sportfisher Flexineedle Predator Size
Tube: Pro Sportfisher Predator Clear
Tube: Short Section Pro Sportfisher Large Clear
Cement: Loc Tight Brush On
Tentacles: White Saddle Feathers (8-12)
Waist: Fl. White Medium Chenille
Head: Fair Flies Predator II Brush White & Orange
Head: EP Invader Brush 2.5″ Hot Pink

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