Summer Trout Spey Fly Video by Jay Nicholas

In this video, Jay ties a beautiful and effective summer trout spey fly that could be used for trout or steelhead.

With different color combinations and hook sizes you could easily adapt these flies for the fishery of your choice. Tight lines.


Summer Trout Spey

Shank: Aquaflies Return Eye 27mm
Trailer Wire: Berkley Fire Wire
Hook: Gamakatsu Octopus Black Sizes 4-6
Thread: Lagartun Black 150D
Hot Butt: Angora Goat Fl. Orange
Rear Collar: Hen Pheasant Natural
Body: Lagartun Flat Braid Peacock
Underwing: Angora Goat Fl. Orange
Wing: Ostrich Olive
Collar: Grizzly Marabou Soft Hackle
Adhesive: Zap a Gap

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