Jay’s Impromptu Ghost Shrimp

In this video, Jay Nicholas ties up a shrimp pattern on the spot inside the shop.

Using new Ahrex 250 Salt Water Shrimp Hooks, Jay decided to tie up a shrimpy pattern using traditional materials such as Ice Dubbing and Senyo’s Fusion Dubbing, incorporated Fair Flies Composite Brushes and saddle hackle with some Aquflies Shrimp Ultra Eyes for an awesome looking pattern.

Used for salt water creatures such as tarpon and bonefish, Jay bets this would also catch steelhead here in Oregon and elsewhere.


Hook: Ahrex SA 250 2/0
Thread: Lagartun 150D Shrimp Pink
Butt: Senyo Fusion Dub Eat A Peach
Eyes: Aquaflies Shrimp Ultra Eyes Fl. Pink Md.
Body: Ultra Wire Red Brassie
Ice Dub UV Shrimp Pink
Ewing Grizzly Saddle Palmered Orange
Collar: Fair Flies 5D Sparse Shrimpy
Ewing Grizzly Saddle Orange
Zap A Gap

Wire Cutters Used


New Ahrex SA 250 Salt Water Shrimp Hook

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