Jay NIcholas’ Fly of the Week #2: Blue Beauty Half-Intruder – Recipe, Tying, & Fishing Notes

The Blue Beauty is what I refer to as a half Intruder in that it has but a single shoulder station, and lacks the butt station and narrow waist we typically expect in an honest to goodness Intruder style fly. At least that’s whatI expect from an Intruder.

Let’s take a look at this fly and check out the recipe and a few notes regarding tying and fishing this fly.

Jay NicholasBlue Beauth Half Intruder

Blue Beauty Half-Intruder

Materials Overview
The finished fly is 2.75 inches.
Thread – To suit. I am currently favoring the Lagartun threads in 95 or 150 D, but Veevus and Danville’s threads are excellent choices as well.
ShankOPST 20 mm Dumbell Shank – One of the Aquaflies shanks in the shorter sizes is an excellent choice as well.
Trailer loop – #30 Fireline or OPST/Senyo wire Hooks OPST Swing #3 or Gamakatsu Hook – Octopus #4 Tail – None
BodySenyo’s Fusion Dub, Pink Lady
CompositeSenyo’s Barred Fl. Blue Predator Wrap Collar – MFC kingfisher blue and purple barred Ostrich
Wing – PSF Marble Fox, Black – Substitute Arctic Fox tail – not body hair. Craft fur is also very nice.
FlashHolographic Flashabou, top & sides Accent – Jungle Cock substitute, optional

Tying Notes
You could tie this fly with a Marble Fox Tail if you wish, and doing so will create a somewhat bolder profile to your finished fly. I’ve used mirage Lateral Scale on the fly pictured here, but you may omit the flash or use a more subtle Holographic Flashabou or even Krystal Flash.The wing will also look spectacular with Finn Raccoon or Arctic Fox tail.

Fishing Notes
Whereas I consider the “Blue Beauty” principally as a winter steelhead fly, this pattern’s color combination is a pattern I consider equally effective throughout all seasons. This is, of course, because the color hues of blue and black have become so universally recognized as appealing to steelhead. I like the hint of pink at the butt to enhance the fly’s overall appearance and try to keep it fairly prominent.

This is a light fly best fished in runs where your tip can put the fly down about 3 feet deep, Steelhead in all but the most frigid will chase this fly down, unless they have been put on the bottom by a dozen anglers low-holing you. but that’s always the risk these days.

I hope you find something in this fly to tickle a smile out of you while we are socially distancing ourselves.

I ache to step into one of my favorite steelhead runs and swing one of the hundreds of flies that are all neatly inventoried in my garage.

Our time of sacrifice is now, our time to fish again will come soon enough.

My best wished for health and companionship is for all of you.


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