Bob Popovic’s Jiggy Head Fly Tying Video

In this video, Jay Nicholas ties a baitfish pattern using Bob Popovic’s Tungsten Jiggy Heads.

Jiggy Heads add weight to get deep, eyes to look real, and you could use them for albacore flies, steelhead flies, salmon flies, just about anything when weight is needed including trout streamers.

Designed to swing or dead drift, get Jiggy with them in assorted colors and sizes.

Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 8.55.54 AM

Materials List:

Hook: Gamakatsu B10-S
Head: Bob Popovic’s Tungsten Jiggy Head
Lead Wire-optional
Thread: Mono Thread
Wing/Belly: Bucktail
Lateral Scale
Lagartun Flat Braid Lavender
Glue: Loctite or Hard as Hull

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