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Our friend Jon Covich is leading a trip to Columbia this coming May. Check out the info below. The trip looks awesome! Reach out to Jon at for more info.

From Mangroves and Mojitos – Jon Covich

I know…..I know! This Blog is supposed to be all about Cuba. Well, I am just going to expand the horizons a bit to a country that starts with a “C” and where the people all speak Spanish. So, it is not really that different!

Many of you who have been with me on trips have heard about my interest in Colombia. I am bringing a group in March to the Orinoco basin where we will fish for Peacock Bass. Now, I have been able to add a second destination, which I am really happy about. Our challenge has been to find outfitters who had all of the pieces of the puzzle together, and that has been harder than you might think. We are really comfortable with what we can now offer.

The Pacific Coast of Colombia is quietly talked about by people in the know as an undiscovered mecca for both inshore and offshore species of saltwater fish. With the jungle canopy descending directly to sandy beaches, and rock outcroppings jutting out of the surf, the coast here is wild and teeming with a plethora of species that one might not expect.


In the late Spring, the ocean comes alive as masses of Sardines congregate near the sandy shores of Bahia Solano. Although fed upon by all species of predatory fish, schools of Yellowfin descend on these bait balls, making the surface a boiling mass of fish torpedoes. Sailfish and Marlin also will congregate here, pushing through the writhing masses of bait and feeding themselves to the brink. And, much of this is happening with the backdrop of the beach and jungle only a few hundred yards away. Nowhere in the world do these pelagic species come as close to shore to feed, making this a truly unique experience and cutting down on long travel times each day to access them.

BLACK SANDS – PURE FISH PORN from Machado Outdoor Films on Vimeo.

Black Sands Lodge is located on the beach, a fifteen minute boat ride from the small town of Bahia Solano. Our group will arrive there by a short commuter flight after having spent a night in the very interesting city of Medellin. The lodge has beautifully appointed rooms, and all guests will have a room to themselves. Meals are hearty, and often made up from seafood from the nearby ocean.


Our small group will fish five full days. The boat used by the lodge is brand new, and beautifully outfitted. Three anglers will fish from this 32’ Contender, taking turns casting to whatever fish are present, and often needing to rest in between battles!! I will host, making this my fourth trip to Colombia. I will also coordinate with guests before the trip, be on hand in Medellin to show people the city, and then advise during the fishing portion of the trip. I will spend part of the time in the boat with guests, taking photos and video. Other times, I may be in a smaller skiff nearby, doing the same thing with a better perspective. In any case, I will be along every moment of the trip to help when needed, and to share my knowledge of fishing in general, and Colombia more specifically.

I have room for 3 (and 1 spot may already be taken.) Fly Water will start advertising the trip this Thursday. Here are dates and prices:

Dates: May 22-30, 2020

Pricing: $5013 per person (includes all transportation once in Colombia, two nights at hotel in Medellin, 5 full days fishing, all food and drink at lodge, single rooms at lodge)

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