Orange Pearl Steelhead Nymph Fly Tying Video

I have been tying a lot of jigged nymphs lately, because practice helps increase technique skills and an eye for judging proportion, and I created this video to showcase the Orange Pearl jigged Steelhead Nymph. This is another smallish (size 10) jigged nymph that that find effective whether you are fishing in local waters close to Eugene or in Great Lakes Tributaries.

This jigged nymph may be fished with or without a traditional indicator, as you wish.

Enjoy! JN

Orange Pearl Steelhead Nymph

Hook – Barbless jig #10
Thread – Danville’s 6/0 Fl Or
Bead – 5/32 metallic orange
Lead free wire – .020
Tail – Fl orange Fluoro Fiber
Body – Veevus Large Pearl Tinsel
Wing case (ha ha) – Large Veevus Pearl Tinsel
Hot spot – Thread

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