Pink Creamsicle Steelhead Nymph Fly Tying Video

Fresh on the heels of several videos that discuss techniques, tools and basic materials for the jigged nymph tyer, I created this video to showcase the Pink Creamsicle Steelhead Nymph. This is a smallish (size 10) jigged nymph that will help hone your tying skills and offers an attractive offering that you can present to steelhead anywhere you might want to drift such an offering clear from our local waters to the Great Lakes Tributaries.

This jigged nymph may be fished Euro Style or under your favorite indicator, as you wish.

Enjoy! JN

Pink Creamsicle Steelhead Nymph

Hook – Barbless jig #10
Thread – Danville’s 6/0 Fl Or
Bead – 5/32 metallic pink
Lead free wire – .020
Tail – Fl Pink Fluro Fiber
Rib – Small Veevus Pearl tinsel
Body & Thorax- SLF Minnow Belly
Hot spot – Thread

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