Greg’s Turkey Biot Midge Fly Tying Video


In this video, Greg ties a simple yet effective midge pattern for trout, the Turkey Biot Midge. Greg recommends tying it in shades of black and olive. Some of the largest trout he’s caught have come from small biot midges in sizes 18 through 22. Tie them on a jig hook such as the Gamakatsu J20 to reduce snags and weight them based on the water you’re fishing.

Hook: Gamakatsu J20 Hook Size 14 (14-18)
Bead: Hareline Slotted Tungsten Bead
Thread: Danville’s 140 Denier Black
Wire: Ultra Wire Silver Small
Body: Turkey Biot Black
Collar: Ice Dub -Peacock/Black

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