Deschutes Report June 2019

June 19 TMC5

Could not get enough (one day) of the Deschutes last month. I was also invited for a trip in June, for the entire week. Early June now also signifies for the most part, the end of the salmon/stonefly hatch.

However, fish were still looking up from Trout Creek to Whitehorse. The fishing was very good on Norm Woods. I used a hopper dropper and found success with the a pheasant tail suspended below.

June 19 TMC2

We saw plenty of caddis hovering over the bushes but not many on the water. Surface activity was minimal during the evenings. However, a small jig fly and a pheasant tail or caddis pupa combo worked very well!

June 19 TMC1

June 19 TMC4

The canyon is in full bloom with wild flowers and grass. Let’s hope for some rain (not crazy amounts) to keep the grass from turning the canyon into a tinder box. The crowds are gone and the fishing remains a solid “good”! Can’t wait for the fall…the “D” gets even better! Get out and enjoy this great weather!

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