We need your voice. Urge Oregon lawmakers to LET LEABURG GO!


From the Native Fish Society.

Today, we need your help encouraging the State of Oregon to shutter the deadbeat Leaburg Fish Hatchery on Oregon’s iconic McKenzie River. Right now, Oregon lawmakers are considering whether to provide funding to keep Leaburg operational after the federal government, the original funder for the hatchery, moved operations elsewhere.

Oregon lawmakers need to hear from you about the need to invest in HABITAT, NOT HATCHERIES! Please sign the petition to lawmakers today. Want to have an even bigger impact? Call the lawmakers listed at the bottom of this email, and tell them: THE BEST HATCHERY IS A HEALTHY RIVER — LET LEABURG GO!

Leaburg Hatchery presents serious problems for wild fish recovery, the health of the McKenzie River, and the pocketbooks of taxpayers including:

ODFW’s production proposal for Leaburg will have direct impacts on native and Endangered Species Act listed fish.

There is significant legal liability surrounding the Leaburg Hatchery program as ODFW lacks approved Hatchery Genetic Management Plans for summer steelhead and spring Chinook salmon and the proposed production at Leaburg could impact legally protected threatened fish.

The facilities at Leaburg Hatchery need considerable renovation to meet current operational and safety standards.

There are concerns about the water quality impacts of Leaburg Hatchery operations on the McKenzie River–the hatchery’s water quality permit is significantly overdue for renewal and the hatchery has been issued notices of noncompliance for past water quality violations.

Continuing to operate the deadbeat Leaburg Hatchery puts our wild fish and our ecosystems at risk and asks Oregon’s taxpayers to foot the bill.

We know that the best hatchery is a healthy river. The State of Oregon needs to prioritize its limited funds where they can be of greatest benefit to our native fish and our communities. Our fish and our state will be better served if public funds are utilized to restore our wild fish and their homewaters. Let’s give our wild fish the best hatcheries we can—healthy rivers.

Sign the petition now, and take a moment to call the lawmakers listed below. Tell them to LET LEABURG GO!

Thank you!

Jennifer Fairbrother
Campaign & Columbia Regional Director

To double your impact, call these lawmakers:
Senator Betsy Johnson: 503-986-1716
Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward: 503-986-1717
Senator Kathleen Taylor: 503-986-1721
Representative Jeff Reardon: 503-986-1448
Senator Lew Frederick: 503-986-1722
Representative Paul Holvey: 503-986-1408
Representative Courtney Neron: 503-986-1426
Representative Dan Rayfield: 541-740-7744

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