High Water Photos from the McKenzie River


Above photo taken at Belinger Ramp on the lower McKenzie.


Just off Camp Creek Road


Another angle at Belinger


Deerhorn Bridge


Eweb Ramp’s parking lot under water


Silver Creek Ramp


Blue River Ramp

Thanks very much to Mike Reardon for sharing some photos he took April 8th.

We are looking at nearly a week before things are remotely “fishable”. This is a great time to get out all your fly gear and organize, clean and prep for the coming season. Get all your fly boxes out on a table and organize flies by hatch or location. Examine fly lines, clean lines that need it, replace the others. Get all your tippet spools together, how are they for quantity? If there are only a few winds of 4x left on a spool you know you will need more. Better to find this out when you have time to cope than when you are on the water. If you know your tippet spools are more than 24 months old toss them and get new ones. If you know the date you purchased them put it on them so you know how old they are next time you organize.


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