Jay’s Steelhead Swing Jig Fly Tying Video

In this video, Jay Ties a Steelhead Swing Jig in Black and Blue. This is a great pattern to swing for Summer and Winter Steelhead. It can be tied using a variety of eyes and hook options.


Jay’s Steelhead Swing Jig Black/Blue

Thread: Danville’s 210D Black
Cement: Loc-Tite Brush on
Eyes: Balz Eyes/Double Pupil Black/Chart
Tail: Black Rabbit Strip
Body: Lagartun Carded Flatbraid Blue
Body: Blue Ice Dub
Collar: Black Craft Brush, Senyo’s Chromatic 3” Midnight #11
Flash: Ice Wing or angel hair
Flash: Krystal Flash Smolt Blue
Accent: Schlappen Silver Doctor Blue
Hook: Umpqua #2 or Gamakatsu 60 Degree Jig Hook #2

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