Jay’s Ultralicious Steelhead Tube Purple/Orange Fly Tying Video

In this video, Jay ties an Ultralicious Steelhead Tube Fly using a Purple and Orange color variation. This fly can be cast, stripped, and swung for Summer and Winter Steelhead.

Jay's Ultralicious Steelhead Tube (Purple and Orange)

Jay’s Ultralicious Steelhead Tube Purple/Orange

Tube: Pro Sportfisher Classic Tube Medium blue
Hook Guide: 40/40 Tube
Thread: Veevus 8/0 Orange
Cement: Loc-Tite Brush On
Eyes: Hareline Double Pupil Lead Eyes Black with Fl. Chartreuse and Black
Body: Lagartun Carded Flatbraid Fl. Blue
Bump: Wire Free Synthetic Fox Brush Black
Strip: Black Barred Purple Rabbit Strip
Flash: Ice Wing Baitfish
Collar: EP Senyo’s Chromatic Brush Midnight
Collar: UV2 Marabou Hot Orange
Hook: Owner #2
Hook: OPST #2

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