Jay’s White Ghost Tube Trout Streamer Fly Tying Video

In this video Jay ties up another delicious trout streamer. This fly really illustrates how using a variety of similar colored materials can add subtle accents and several layers of texture. This fly can be cast, stripped, and swung for a variety of critters including Trout, Bull trout, and Bass!


Jay’s White Ghost Tube Trout Streamer

Pro Nanotube Clear
Pro Drop-weight Silver Small
Thread: White Veevus 8/0
Cement: Loc-Tite Brush on
Butt: Seal-X-Ice Dubbing Rogue Red
Body Cactus Chenille Large Pearl
or Speckled Chenille Pearl/White
Brown Barred White Rabbit Strip
Krystal Flash or Angel Hair
EP Sparkle Brush
Craft Fur Brush White
Pro Cone x-small Red

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