Tuna Tuxedo (Yak Hair) Fly Tying Video

In this video Jay ties up a Tuna Tuxedo using UV Yak Hair. Jay first used this fly while fishing for Skip Jack down in the Baja and it’s been in his fly box ever since due to it’s versatility in the salt game world (Dorado, Rooster’s etc). Pay attention to your UV Cure application on the eyes when finishing the fly (Jay uses both Loon thick, and thin UV Cure).


Tuna Tuxedo (Yak Hair)

Thread: Clear Mono Danvilles
Hook: Gammie 3/0 SC-17
Belly: UV Yak Hair White
Back: UV Yak Hair Black
Eyes: 3D Super pearl 3/8”
UV Cure: Loon Thick
UV Cure: Loon Thin
Cement: Loc-Tite Brush on

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  1. jerry brown says:

    where is the yak hair video????

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