New Product Review by Jay Nicholas – Midge Flash

Jay Nicholas Midge Flash Caddis Fly Shop a
OK. Just because a material is new to me does not necessarily meant that it is NEW on the market or new to everyone.Ive known that Midge Flash has been around for some time, I tried it and was not particularly enthused with it so I let it lay.

Not until now. A recent dive into the currently available flash products has been driven by my desire to tie something fresh and new in 2018, and I randomly stumbled across Midge Flash.

Impressed? YES.

I’m now convinced that the Midge Flash I see today is different in some respect from the Midge Flash I saw and was not impressed with several years go.

Why? Don’t know.

Jay Nicholas Midge Flash Caddis Fly Shop b

Perhaps different dyes are being used, different base materials, or different dye temperatures or processes. For whatever the reason the Midge Flash I have on my desk right now is super good looking and I’ll be incorporating it into my steelhead, salmon, and trout flies very shortly.

Jay Nicholas- Early 2018

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