Jay’s Swing Jig Fly Tying Video

In this video Jay ties a Jigged version of the Ultralicious Steelhead Tube Fly. This fly is tied on a #2 Jigged hook using the same color combination of black and blue and includes Double Pupil Eyes. It is fished best swinging for both summer and winter steelhead. The benefit of using a jigged hook versus a Tube Fly is that the hook will ride up so you’re less likely to snag and this fly actually has a little less material than the tube version. If you’re not experienced in tying tube flies yet this is a great alternative. This is a proven color combination that has worked well for Jay and other anglers.


Jay’s Swing Jig (Fl. Blue)

Hook: Umpqua S506H Jig #2
Thread: Danville’s 210D Fl. Blue
Eyes: Hareline Double Pupil Black/Chartreuse
Tail: Rabbit Strip Black Barred Fl. Blue
Collar: Senyo’s Chromatic 3.0 Brush Midnight
Body: Lagartun Carded Flat braid Holo Fl. Blue
Collar: SD Blue Saddle

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