Plan D Fly Boxes and How to Use Them


We are super excited to be working with Dylan at Plan D Fly Boxes this year as he introduces his latest line of fly boxes designed specifically for intruder and tube style flies. The latest versions of Plan D Boxes have improved durability and design.

Pocket and Pack boxes have clear lids so you can see what you are selecting before you open the box. Pocket Max and Pack Max boxes have dark gray lids and bases to double the capacity of the boxes.


The coolest thing about these boxes is manor in which they hold flies that are notorious for getting mixed up tangled up and “balled up” in a standard fly box. With Plan D Boxes your flies are fixed on a hook or tube mandrel so they stay lined up, visible and organized. The articulated fly box is pretty simple you use the “j-hook” to hold the fly shank or eye and the foam base pad to hold the hook. Depending upon the box you can carry 10-40 articulated patterns in a super organized fashion.


The “Tube Plus” versions of the new Plan D Boxes allow for some customization. Dylan Stanley Plan D’s owner has given us detailed instructions that I thought I would share in this post.

1. To get started you will need: (1) pair of wire cutters, (1) Plan D mandrel kit, (1) Plan D tube fly box and your flies.


2. Insert a mandrel through the back end of the fly until the clip at the end of the mandrel clips over the junction tubing (or the tube itself if not using junction tubing.)


3. Measure exposed mandrel against the tube block in the fly box and cut mandrel to length using wire cutters. Leave some exposed mandrel sticking out of the end of the tube block.


4. Insert the exposed mandrel into the slotted silicone tube block. Repeat with the rest of your flies! Flies are held securely in the silicone block . The box can even be used to rinse and dry flies that were used in salt water. The small foam pad is for your tube fly hook storage.


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