Cascade Lake Report : July 2017

crane 5

Had to get my lake on, got one of the Technical Men’s Council (old dawgs who have fished together for decades) and headed off to Craine Prairie last week.   The lake is about 85% full and based upon our results, the fish were scattered. Needless to say, the weather was outstanding!
crane 2

We fished for two days.  Day one was very good with Chironomid and bobber.  The snow cone Chironomid was the key fly for the day.

crane 4

Day two brought provided an event, we had not seen for some time, a blue damsel hatch. Fish were leaping out of the water to pursue these blue darts. Our boat became a sanctuary from consumption! The dry blue damsel fly, was the key. The hatch lasted a few hours until the familiar winds of Craine kicked up late in the afternoon.

crane 1

We are continuing to see great weather and good fishing all over our area. Time to get out there and enjoy the Northwest at its finest! Oh, headed back next week….!


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