Pacific City Albacore update – – – the Dory Fleet Connected!

Yes the Albacore were offshore Pacific City on the 21st and the dory fleet was able to find fish willing to grab.


The two dory boats with fly anglers managed to find enough tuna that everyone aboard hooked and landed fish. These fish ranged from about 15 pounds to a solid 25 pounds. The most productive flies had blue over white color themes and were about 6″ long.

The fly bite was slow until noon, with plugs and irons producing the most fish early in the day. Flies were apparently more appealing to the tuna in the afternoon, and my friends all returned to the beach tired but happy.

Since their day began about 4 AM preparing to launch and ended close to 8 PM with clean-up in my yard, they were all pretty much done for the day, and tuna processing occurred the next day, with fish packed securely on ice overnight.

The tuna were found roughly between 25 and 50 miles offshore. Long day and a lot of gas burned by the fleet.

My yard was crowded with cars and dory boats.

The wind is howling now, so it will be some time before anyone heads out from the beach to tuna fish here at Pacific City.

My best to you all in the meantime.

Jay Nicholas July 26 2017

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