Jay Nicholas Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Fund “Salmon Fisher’s Journal”

Update on July 15th!

We met our goal!

Thanks to 109 backers in the first week of our Kickstarter Campaign, we met our goal. Thank you to everyone who has already participated and those of you who will back this work in the next 22 days of the Campaign.

Meeting our goal ensures that we will be able to deliver this book as a coffee table quality, collector edition book — soon to become part of the angling literature.

I’m now trying to reach out to friends and supporters who have not yet pressed the back this project button.”

We have a full 22 days to boost the ultimate quality of the finished product as well as our prospect of  delivering ahead of schedule.


For now, thanks to all of our backers — we did it in under a week.

Now we have three weeks to solidify the effort in our push for excellence.

I’ll have an update for backers each week as the Kickstarter continues to run the next three weeks, and appreciate your help reaching out to support the cause!

Jay Nicholas – July 15th, 2017



The Kickstarter Campaign to fund the publication of my life’s work – Salmon Fisher’s Journal – is officially up and running.

This is the link to my Kickstarter page here: Salmon Fisher’s Journal.

I’ll take this moment to say thanks to the friends and professionals who volunteered to get this project as close as it is to becoming a reality.  We have my manuscript and all of the structure we need to transform it from “almost finished” into a shipping container of collector-quality books.

The Kickstarter page tells the story of Salmon Fisher’s Journal, includes endorsements from John Larison, Trey Combs, and Todd Tanner, and lays out opportunities to support publication of the book. You can make a straight donation. You can show your support and receive some of my Chinook and Steelhead flies. You can pre-order the book. You can pre-order the book and join me on a fishing adventure. You can order a super-limited, deluxe edition.  You can show your support and have your name included in the book as a FOUNDER or as a CO-PRODUCER. With your help, the dream will become a reality.

At the start of this fund-raiser, I’d like to say thank you to my friends who are pre-campaign donors, this book has been made possible through their generosity and encouragement.

I’m close now, but I need a little more help to secure the remainder of our funding. This is the book, the story I’ve been working on for almost two decades. Please help me make the final push to publish Salmon Fisher’s Journal

How can you help?

It’s simple. Contribute to the Kickstarter. Then share the story on social media. Then call your friends and spread the word. Reach out near and far. Help me find the supporters who will share my dream to bring Salmon Fisher’s Journal to print.

Once launched, this campaign will run for 30 days only. No funds will be collected or disbursed unless we reach the goal. I’m full of hope that we will bust the goal in short order.

Thank you, and please contact me if you have any questions.

Jay Nicholas

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2 Responses to Jay Nicholas Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Fund “Salmon Fisher’s Journal”

  1. david jensen says:

    We should all get in. Jay has been so generous for so long!

  2. Oregon Fly Fishing Blog says:

    Wow! David thanks for your kind suggestion. Here we are sitting on day 6 of our 30 day campaign and we are at 96% funded. Don’t hold back now, because we want to crush the goal and do this here book the grand treatment it so richly deserves. Thanks again to you David and everyone who has supported the blog over the years. JN

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