Who We Are Series, Post 1: Bryson Fairlamb

Welcome to the “Who We Are” Series. 

This series of posts is meant to introduce all of you terrific tiers and cool customers to our small, but fantastic team of anglers here at The Caddis Fly Angling Shop. Each employee answered a number of questions about their fishing expertise, their favorite style of fishing and fishing products. Each week we will publish another employee’s answers to these questions to let you know Who We Are. This series will hopefully give you a peak into who we are, how we fish, and who you are chatting with when you next call or email Caddis.

So, to start us off, we figured who better to introduce you to than our wonderful Manager, Bryson.


Who: Bryson Fairlamb, Manager

Years at Caddis: 5

Are you a Eugene local, or are you a transplant? 

I’m an Oregon Native, born in Elgin OR, raised in Coast Range then Eugene through high school. Then I lived in Bend OR for 15 years, and now I’m back in Eugene.

How many years have you been fly fishing?


What is your favorite rod and reel combo?

Sage X 6120 an Lamson Speedster 3.5

Wet wade or float, and why?

I love floating rivers for fishing or adventure and 90% of my fishing utilizes my drift boat or raft. I do love walking into places when traveling but day in and day out I’m in my drifter.


Dry fly, streamer or nymph–and do you tie them?

All of the above, and yes I tie. I tie a lot of my own flies for steelhead fishing but purchase most of my trout patterns; I just go through so many trout flies in the summer.

Spey or single hand cast? 


Salt or Freshwater?

Freshwater mainly but last years trip to Mexico has me thinking of baby tarpon quite often.

Where do you fish/have you fished?

States: Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California, Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico,  New Zealand

Waters: Deschutes,  Mckenzie, and Willamette Rivers. The Cascade lakes.


What is your favorite part about working at Caddis?

Interacting with fisherman from all over the world, and the knowledge gained from my coworkers and fellow anglers.

When a fellow angler asks, “What is the biggest fish you have ever caught?” what is your answer? 

30 ish pound chinook

And there you have it. Bryson is one of our most knowledgable anglers with an awesome breadth of experience fishing near Eugene and beyond.  He is always abreast to the latest product information and updates from our brands, and you can count on him to tell you his honest opinion about that rod and reel pairing for your next fly fishing setup. He can be found either working the Customer Service and shipping desk in the back of the shop, or helping someone out on the shop floor.

Want to know more about the Caddis Fly? Visit our website’s About page at this link and feel free to call or email us any time at our contacts below:



Tight lines until next time!

The Caddis Fly Crew


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  1. Jim Terborg says:

    Great idea for getting to know the helpful fellow anglers who work at the shop.

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