Red Bandit Fly Tying Video

In this instructional fly tying video Matt Powell demonstrates how to tie the Red Bandit. This “attractor” nymph pattern was developed by Matt in Colorado, but has produced a lot of fish for him in the Pacific Northwest. The fly features Hareline’s new Gritty Tungsten bead, giving it a “glowing” red head. Tie one on and see if it measures up on your favorite trout stream.

Red Bandit pic

Red Bandit

Hook: TMC 5262 or Daiichi 1710, sizes 8-14
Thread: Danville 70D, Red
Bead: Hareline Gritty Tungsten Bead-Red
Tail: Natural Ringneck Pheasant Tail
Body: Wapsi Awesome Possum Dubbing, Natural
Rib: Ultra Wire, Red
Back: Pearl Flat Mylar Tinsel
Thorax: Senyo’s Fusion Dub-Rainbow
Gill: Hungarian Partridge
Hot Spot/Collar: Hareline Ice Dub, UV Red

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