A Letter from Congressman Defazio – Frank Moore Wild Steelhead Sanctuary

Dear Mr. Daughters:

Thank you for your message in support of designating the Frank Moore Wild Steelhead Sanctuary in Oregon. I appreciate hearing from you and you will be pleased to know that I introduced H.R. 6129, the Frank Moore Wild Steelhead Sanctuary Act, on September 22.

H.R. 6129 would designate nearly 100,000 acres in the Steamboat Creek Watershed in Umpqua National Forest for salmon preservation. The Steamboat Creek watershed is consistently identified as one of the most important ecological areas in the Pacific Northwest, and also serves as an important cold water refuge for migrating summer steelhead.

The land, which will be designated as a Special Management Area, is named in honor of Frank Moore, a local WWII veteran, avid fly fisherman and fish conservation advocate. A former proprietor of the Steamboat Inn on the North Umpqua River in Douglas County, Moore served on the State of Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission from 1971 to 1974 and has been repeatedly recognized by organizations for his conservation efforts. There are no two people who have done more to protect and preserve the North Umpqua River and its extraordinary natural resources than Frank and his wife Jeanne Moore. I can think of no more appropriate tribute to their efforts than to dedicate this incredible area to their legacy to remind us all of their life’s work safeguarding Oregon’s beautiful wild areas.

Frank Moore Wild Steelhead Sanctuary from Pacific Rivers on Vimeo.

Over my career, I helped add more than 390,000 acres of wilderness in the state of Oregon – an area half the size of Rhode Island. I have also been a part of numerous national wilderness debates and have fought for additional wilderness protections from the Red Rock Wilderness in Utah to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska.

I will continue to work hard to preserve wild areas that are vital to the ecological health of Oregon. Thanks again for your message and please keep in touch.


Fourth Congressional District, Oregon

Peter has my vote.

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  1. david jensen says:

    Peter DeFazio has been a rock solid advocate for preservation of Oregon’s rivers for many decades. His advocacy has been at the county, state, and national levels. Peter, as a Lane County Commissioner, was absolutely instrumental in stopping a supposed “done deal” proposal to put a bridge over the McKenzie at Bear Creek (MP 31) which would have been a disaster for the river corridor and for boating in particular. The proposed bridge was for timber hauling, and would have expedited the planned massive timber cutting which in turn would have led to increased water temperatures and siltation. A vote for Peter is a vote for Oregon rivers and fisheries.

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