Surface Seducer Double Barrel Slider Baitfish Fly Tying Video

Tony uses the Flymen Company Surface Seducer Double Barrel Popper bodies, hooks and eyes to create a really cool slider pattern. Use it for bass and even sea run cutthroat.

double barrel popper bodies

Surface Seducer Double Barrel Slider Baitfish

Hook: Suface Seducer Popper Hook, sizes 2-8

Slider: Surface Seducer Popper & Slider Body, Sizes X-Large to X-Small
Glue: Zap-a-Gap(fast) or Gorilla Glue(slower)**apply water first**
Eyes: Zap-a-Gap Gel; Hareline Adhesive Holographic Eyes, Super Pearl or Hareline Adhesive Eyes, Super Pearl Black
Popper Finish: Fine Glitter mixed with Liquid Fusion & Top Coat of Liquid Fusion mixed in Loon Mixing Cup
Thread: White Veevus 10/0
Tail: Steve Farrar SF Blend, UV White and 1/69 Opal Mirage Lateral Scale
Collar: Hareline UV Polar Chenille, Silver UV

surface seducer double barrel popper bodies

surface seducer poppers

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2 Responses to Surface Seducer Double Barrel Slider Baitfish Fly Tying Video

  1. MR says:

    Nice mini-Cyclops, Tony!

  2. Caleb says:

    Killer pattern!

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