Klamath Baitfish Fly Tying Video

Jay Nicholas demonstrates how to tie a slender baitfish pattern for use in fresh and saltwater. The bucktail pattern is super old school in it’s style but uses the new Pro Sportfisher Pro Tabbed Eyes to give it a great target for fish to attack. The Tabbed Eyes are tough and easy to use.

Jay video flies may 2016

Klamath Baitfish

Hook: TMC 3761 # 6
Thread: Danville 210 white/chartreuse/blue
Body: Lagartun Carded Flat Braid
Wing: Bucktail White/Lime Green/Navy Blue
Lateral Line: Lateral Scale
Eyes: 5mm Pro Sportfisher Tabbed Eyes

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2 Responses to Klamath Baitfish Fly Tying Video

  1. Bob Staysa says:

    Hey Jay, been fishing this style of tie for 20 yrs. in the basin. Used to tie them for a lodge that I guided out of. Nice tie

  2. Oregon Fly Fishing Blog says:

    Nice — thanks for the note Bob, and best to you in all things. JN

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