Oregonian Op-Ed: Renewed optimism for salmon recovery

New Op-Ed in the Oregonian this week By Liz Hamilton, Jeff Feldner and Chris Daughters…


Biologists have cited removal of the lower Snake River dams as the best tool we’ve got for restoring wild salmon at risk of extinction. Despite a rapidly growing list of river restoration success stories, federal agencies have avoided seriously considering this option. The recently restored Elwha River in Washington state is a nearby example of how quickly fish and wildlife populations can bounce back. Recent coverage in National Geographic points out that young chinook, chum and coho salmon have all seen unexpectedly rapid population spikes since the Elwha and Glines Canyon dams were dismantled.

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  1. david jensen says:

    Thank you Chris for the editorial. You are a stalwart in fishery conservation efforts. Caddis Fly patrons should be proud of Chris and the shop. In Trout Unlimited’s summer issue of Trout magazine, Caddis Fly was given a full page, with color photo, article with the title “Shops We ‘Really’ Like”. This wasn’t an ad; it was a national honor.

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