Spring Fly Fishing on the McKenzie River

McKenzie river fly fishing may 2016

Fly fishing on the McKenzie River is in full swing this May. We have ideal water levels, great weather and good fishing. Numerous insects are available to wild rainbow and cutthroat trout.

This year I have seen more Salmon Flies than I can remember and the fish are really recognizing and attacking them on the water. Historically we have seen this emergence but this year I am seeing more shucks on the waters edge, more insects on the water and flying over head. This past Saturday there were so many that large ravens were seeking them out over the the river.

There are small brown caddis, Green McKenzie Caddis, Pale Morning Duns and smaller tan/grey stoneflies available as well. Depending upon the water you find yourself in you can catch fish from top to bottom right now.

McKenzie river fly fishing may 2016

Water temps have been on the steady rise, this is a key to some of the excellent spring fishing at hand…

McKenzie River Water Temperatures

Water levels are looking good for the near future…

McKenzie River Fly Fishing

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2 Responses to Spring Fly Fishing on the McKenzie River

  1. haby says:

    great post

  2. Mrmachinist says:

    Rainbows and cuts were slamming Mckenzie river specials, aka big green caddis swung wet today. Did not see any green caddis activity, only small tan and orange caddis. The fish showed no interest in tan or orange imitations, only the big green. Saw lots of stonefly shucks of more variety in one place than ever before, but again no activity. Lost my biggest fish of the day on a wet green caddis pattern, lost the will to live, punched out and went home.

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