Time to book your Travel for 2016. How about Cuba?

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We have two separate weeks booked in Cuba this coming July of 2016. Both on “live a board” boats. This past June we found the food and service level to be outstanding on the “live a board”. Over the past 8 years we have seen numerous operations around Cuba fishing with the Avalon Group at different locals, the “live a board” is really an ideal way to fish the rich and largely unspoiled waters around the Cuban mainland. The fishing in Cuba is fantastic and something to be experience sooner rather than later. With travel restrictions eased anglers now have zero worries coming and going from Cuba.

The week of July 2-8 2016 is aboard the Perola Yacht.

This luxury yacht will take you to the most remote and pristine flats and distant waters that collectively surround Isla de la Juventud. The Perola is a beautiful 75-foot luxury live-aboard yacht that is utilized for weekly trips to the most remote areas of the Canarreos Archipelago. Areas that are accessed and fished by the Perola include Cayo Campo, the Cantilles islands and Cayo Rosario, which is renowned for some of the most outstanding flats fishing in all of Cuba. The Perola is a recently refurbished classic wooden yacht, perfect for a group of up to six anglers. There are five comfortable air-conditioned cabins below deck, most of which have a private bath with good showers and plenty of hot water. Anglers will really appreciate the large amount of storage space available in each of the rooms. 

This is an impressive yacht, with polished hardwood floors and teak paneling. Circular stairways take you downstairs to the cabins or upstairs to the dining area atop the open-air deck. The top deck is covered and always remains in the shade, but open to the sea breeze, ensuring guests a very comfortable and insect-free environment. Clear plastic side coverings are utilized if harder winds or inclement weather become an issue. Several comfortable rope hammocks are hung from the ceiling and can be lowered after lunch or dinner for a nap in the breeze or a very relaxed cocktail hour. A full-sized, air-conditioned salon on the main deck level can be utilized as a living and dining area in extremely harsh weather. Fly tiers will like the full tying table in the salon, and sinking into one of the salon’s plush couches with a good drink is the perfect end to a long day on the flats. 


Cuisine on board the Perola is exceptional. Fresh fish of the day is offered for most meals, either caught by the anglers themselves or brought in by the crew. Lobster and conch are abundant can be enjoyed on a daily basis or upon request. Salads with fresh vegetables and a variety of fruits are always available as well. Other menu items include pork and chicken entrees served throughout the week, fresh sashimi for appetizers and some of the finest frozen Daiquiris in all of Cuba. 

Anglers arriving on Isla de la Juventud will stay aboard the Perola on the first night, anchored at a private marina on the Jucaro River. Early the following morning, anglers will meet their guides, jump in the skiffs, fish, and make their way east to meet up with the Perola that evening in one of the outer anchorages. On the final fishing day, anglers will fish their way back to Gerona, reboard the Perola at the marina with time to take a refreshing shower and pack before departing on the evening flight back to Havana.


The week of July 8-16 is aboard the Avalon II Yacht.

Avalon II is a brand new, state-of-the-art mothership with 10 staterooms and all the amenities and offerings you would expect from a high-end, private yacht. 

The ship’s overall capacity is 20 passengers and 9 crewmembers, although all trips are limited to groups of between 10 and 16 anglers. The boat offers the perfect balance of substantial exploration capabilities, functional style and total comfort, and offers guests a unique platform for an exclusive voyage through the Jardines de la Reina. 

All staterooms offer plenty of space, private bathrooms, individual air conditioning and heating controls, electricity plugs, and panoramic windows to enjoy the breathtaking view of the Caribbean. 

There is also a spacious and comfortable combination lounge, dining room and bar area on the main deck. This is the ideal option for large groups and families.


Food and Beverages

Dining on board Avalon II is always amazing. The menu typically combines fantastic Continental Italian cuisine, fresh seafood every day, and traditional Cuban favorites like rice and beans, black bean soup and fried plantains. If you are someone who enjoys fresh seafood, then you will be in heaven. Beverages available on board include bottled water, various soft drinks, beer, rum and imported wines. If you prefer liquor other than rum, you can bring this with you.

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Typical Length of Stay

A typical stay in the Jardines de la Reina area is seven (7) nights / five and a half (5.5) fishing days, starting on Saturday and ending on Friday. A normal week includes five full days of fishing and one or two half days (depending on your schedule and mode of transportation to and from Jucaro). Additional days in Havana or on other parts of the island can easily be arranged and itineraries can be fully customized. Combo trips between the Jardines de la Reina and other fishing areas can also be arranged.

Non-Angling Activities and Options

These are a remote live-aboard operations located in the mangrove wilderness of the Jardines de la Reina. This means that non-angling (and non-diving) activities are limited. If you are interested in diving, Avalon’s dive program is incredible and the Jardines are considered by many to be one of the finest, most pristine dive and snorkel destinations in the entire world. Even anglers can participate in a shallow-water dive program on a few afternoons of their trip. This can be taught after your day of fishing, and can culminate in a trip where you dive with the area’s famous Silky Sharks. Overall this specific destination is best suited for anglers and divers.

Wi-Fi via the Avalon Hot Spot is available free of charge to guests on Avalon II. While this satellite internet access is slow and at times spotty, it is available! Guests should bring their own laptop, iPad or other device to access the internet. Keep in mind that U.S. cell phones currently DO NOT work anywhere in Cuba. Also, satellite phones are strictly prohibited in Cuba and will be confiscated at the airport on arrival.

We have some exceptional rates for these trips and welcome any inquiries. Please contact me directly at caddiseug@yahoo.com.

Chris Daughters

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  1. Jim Terborg says:

    I went on a trip last June. The “live-on-board” experience was wonderful. Great food, great quarters, great staff, great times. Highly recommended.

    And, I have heard that the Becker “Cuda” pictured above, was snagged. Again, that’s what I heard

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